Threat Assessment

We provide our clients with the highest quality risk and threat assessment services. Our assessment team is resourceful and intuitive. We have backgrounds in threat assessment, security surveillance and counter-surveillance, security technologies, access and egress control, perimeter reconnaissance, executive protection, and tactical security response. Most assessments are initiated within 72 hours.


Prior to conducting a formal assessment, Lima 5 conducts a pre-assessment survey designed to understand the prospective client’s current security capabilities as well as uncover known and unknown vulnerabilities to intrusion, criminal or terrorist threat. We evaluate criminal activity and known threats or exposures across the geographic area in which our client is located. Our assessment services are comprehensive and confidential.


Our assessment team is trained in the latest surveillance and early warning systems. Our array of tactical security capabilities includes covert footstep and vehicle ground sensors, long-range thermal and CCTV camera systems, human and vehicle tracking technologies as well as ballistic resistant solutions for schools, Houses of Worship, businesses, media, and public venues.

Our assessment services include satellite mapping, thermal camera range finding, and security perimeter design as well as points-of-penetration analysis. Our assessment provides your security team with a strategy to “find the path” of an intruder by inferring movement patterns, routes, key locations, and likely intent. Our goal is to design for you a capability to identify and discourage an intruder before a threat develops and can inflict harm on your family, employees, students or congregation.


As a result of our assessment, your board or committee will be well briefed, understand options and likely budgets as well as implementation timelines. We will provide you with maps, likely intrusions “soft spots,” specific and redundant solutions as well as infrastructure requirements to implement proposed solutions. We will brief you during our assessment, involve your current security team or, conduct our work on a confidential basis. We will present to your decision-making committee and can do an implementation ourselves or be engaged as your consultant to supervise others.

Assessment Capabilities

Lima 5 Assessments:

  • Traditional Security Guard Services

  • Long Range Thermal Cameras

  • Covert Footstep, Vehicle and Marine Vessel Tracking

  • Bullet and Bomb Resistant Glass Perimeters and Windows

  • Perimeter Intrusion Tracking and Monitoring

  • Walls, Fences and Gates

  • Tactical Security Capabilities and Services

  • Executive Protection

  • Access and Egress Controls

  • Alarm Systems and Monitoring Service

  • Background Checks and Badging

  • House of Worship and Schools - Perimeters and Access Control

  • Media and Public Venue Protection

  • Response and Emergency Response Services

  • Law Enforcement and EMS Coordination

  • Tactical Security and First Response Training

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