Tactical Security

Tactical Security involves systems, technologies, SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and manpower in a coordinated way to identify, locate and repel criminal intent before a threat can inflict harm or damage to persons or property. Tactical Security involves rapid response coordination and effective transition of action to available law enforcement resources.


Lima 5 Protec has developed a tactical security model that provides our clients with an early warning and rapid response capability, regardless of the level of risk. Our security model is specifically designed to coordinate closely with available law enforcement tactical response. Our clients include 5 Star and Platinum country clubs, Houses of Worship, estate homeowner associations, media, high net worth individuals and commercial businesses.



Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is generally defined as systems and technologies that protect people and assets within a facility and its grounds by blocking unauthorized physical intrusions across the perimeter. While no commercial or residential property is free of the risk of trespass, burglary, structure invasion, workplace violence or terrorist act, we believe a well-designed security perimeter can and will significantly lower the risk of crime and violence and can be a significant
deterrent to the potential for crime. We believe the most effective perimeter security installations utilize redundant capabilities to increase the opportunity for early warning signals or “hits” to be recognized by a trained command center observer.


Effective perimeters introduce redundant ‘layers’ to protect a boundary and include the holistic aspect of the site, the specific property perimeter, specific buildings or key infrastructure, building or home façade perimeters and, the internal perimeter where restricted access is controlled by some means. Each layer should help detect, delay and deter intrusion and trigger appropriate response. Historically used in military, critical infrastructure and other high-risk sites, perimeter security solutions are now being used in residential and commercial sites, houses of worship, schools, hospitals, retail sites and many other urban and remote locations in response to crime, vandalism, activists, workplace violence, business espionage and, at worst, domestic Active Violence and foreign terrorism.


Design of an effective, cost-efficient and manpower reduced perimeter requires knowledge and skill. Lima 5’s principals and assessment teams are trained military veterans with specific experiences involving static and moving perimeters, perimeter development in remote and danger zone environments and in environments involving high density urban, jungle, swamp and low visibility terrains. Factors such as terrain, density and structure, weather, power and communication requirements as well as specific patterns of intrusion, types of crime and first response capabilities are critical to a well-designed and cost-effective perimeter security program.


Tactical Security Capabilities

Lima 5 Perimeters:

  • Security Walls, Fencing and Toppings

  • Seismic Footstep, Vehicle and Marine Vessel Sensors

  • Ballistic and Blast Resistant Barriers and Glazing Laminates

  • Access and Egress Control Gates and Bollards

  • Esthetic and Covert Intrusion Barriers

  • Gatehouse Access Control Check-In and Badging Systems

  • Background Checks for Service Workers and Employees

  • Thermal and Video Surveillance Cameras with Tracking Capabilities

  • Passive Infrared Detection (PIDs) and Radar Detection Systems

  • Aerial Drone Surveillance

  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Equipment

  • Tactical and Armed FAST Response Teams

  • Tactical Security Training for Traditional Guard Service Teams


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