Life Safety Protection

Lima 5’s Tactical Security Officer (TSO) is responsible for the first-response protection of other human beings under his or her watch, regardless of the level of risk. Although posted at a security gate, in a school reception lobby or in a roving patrol vehicle, the protection responsibility of a Lima 5 TSO evolves quickly with the radio dispatch to a suspected heart
attack of a resident, a chain saw an accident involving a service landscaper, an active shooter in a 5th grade classroom or hospital emergency room. The best law enforcement response in the United States is now averaging 7 to 12 minutes for a Priority 1 response.

Active Violence and aggravated felony crime events are typically over in less than 3 minutes. Life safety protection relies on today’s professional security officer more often than not in a first response scenario. The Lima 5 TSO is charged with responding to the crisis by providing for the immediate safety of those in need while tailoring and implementing a security response that fits the client’s expectations. This tactical first response requires utilizing all available
resources and simultaneously coordinating a Law Enforcement and Fire/Rescue response.


Our personal strategy is to hire combat trained military veterans, active or retired Law Enforcement and Fire/Rescue veterans and, recent graduates of Law Enforcement and Paramedic academies. We provide our TSOs with specific training in command center observation and dispatch, security tactical response, lock and hold tactics to observe and report specific threats and, the effective transition to larger tactical response units (SWAT, Police and Fire/Rescue). Effective early warning capabilities at the perimeter of a community or facility put the Lima 5 TSO in an active tactical response position three to seven minutes ahead of a Law Enforcement or Paramedic response. Our TSOs must be alert, well-trained and responsive.


Security Officer services by Lima 5 are often coordinated with other elite caliber security firms that specialize in a particular type of protection or guard service, are geographically better located to respond to an immediate client request or can provide a specialized capability in your specific situation. The mission is to protect You and Your people. We will always endeavor to put the best and most capable manpower at your service in any life safety situation whether
it is a Lima 5 TSO, a Torres Protection Group Protection Agent or a Champions National Security Elite Security Officer. Our first mission field is to protect the life safety interests of our clients.

Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is generally defined as any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site. Workplace violence ranges from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and even homicide. According to the latest workplace violence statistics available, workplace homicides increased by 83 cases to 500 in 2016. Healthcare workers are nearly four times as likely to require time
away from work as a result of workplace violence as they are because of other types of injuries.

Workplace Violence Facts:

  • Out of all mass shootings since 1966, 27% occurred at workplaces.

  • Robberies account for 85% of workplace violence deaths.

  • This year 34% of employers will experience a workplace violence incident.

  • This year, nearly 2 million U.S. workers will be victims of workplace violence.

  • This year, nearly 44% of teachers will report being physically attacked while at school.

  • This year, 30,000 rape or sexual assaults will occur to women while at work.


Almost every business will experience some type of Workplace Violence. Your business should have a policy for dealing with Workplace Violence events including an Active Violence/Active Shooter response plan and employee training. Lima 5 can advise your current security team or resource officer, we can train employees, management and volunteers on Active Violence response including the Department of Homeland Security’s – Run, Hide, Fight Response Training. We are Certified Instructors for the American College of Surgeons – Stop the Bleed Training Program.

Let Lima 5 Protec assist you in preventing a problem before it starts and assist you in taking preventive steps to keep your employees safe and secure.

Our Tactical Security Officers and Trainers will provide these services:

  • A professional uniformed presence and sense of security for your company.

  • Armed TSOs prepared to deal with the worst possible scenarios.

  • Unbiased third-party witnesses and Incident Reporting procedures.

  • Body cameras and voice recorders to record a termination and escort off premises.

  • Assist in advance planning for a potentially hostile termination – location of the termination, security sweep of the meeting area and areas the employee will have access to, instruction on how to arrange for an employee to gather personal belongings and an exit route and escort plan following the termination.

  • The availability of additional security presence following the termination in the event an active threat of retaliation is presented or suspected.


Threat Assessment

A Threat or Vulnerability Assessment is a key component of any successful security plan. The Threat Assessment is designed to anticipate and plan around potential danger and is a requirement for any proactive security plan. Threat assessment involves investigation, intelligence, and counter-intelligence gathering as well as the assessment of known threats. The objective of a Threat Assessment is the development of countermeasures and early warning capabilities to manage potential risk.

We provide a comprehensive review of a wide range of potential natural, accidental and human-initiated threats. A proactive security philosophy is at the core of our threat assessment and protection details assigned to every client.

Manned Security Operations

Lima 5 Protec can provide fully trained uniformed and armed security teams to meet your security needs. Although we do not provide unarmed guard services, we have excellent working relationships with unarmed guard services we have vetted and can recommend to you. Lima 5 can provide short-term special event security and Emergency Medical Services teams for clubs, resorts and, public and private venue events. We can provide Executive Protection details
manned by Lima 5 officers or details from other highly professional agencies.

Security Consulting

Lima 5 will assist your organization with the following:

  • Developing a confidential and comprehensive assessment of your current security capabilities.

  • Conduct a risk analysis to determine how to prevent criminal or terrorist incidents and attacks.

  • Prepare a Tactical Perimeter Plan to include walls and barriers, access/egress controls, early warning capabilities, thermal camera placement, and camera/lens designs.

  • Implement your Tactical Perimeter Plan or supervise others for you in your installation of a perimeter strategy.

  • Conduct a third-party review of security proposals presented to you.

  • Develop and train your staff, residents, volunteers, and others on your Emergency Response Plan.


Lima 5 Protec will evaluate your organization's situation, budgets, timelines and deliver you a practical security plan. We will outline site-specific solutions customized to your requirements and financial parameters. 


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Lima 5 Protec will evaluate your organization's situation, budgets, timelines and deliver you a practical security plan. We will outline site-specific solutions customized to your requirements and financial parameters.


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