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A Fire Watch, whether ordered by a Fire Marshall, or requested by a building representative, may be required in construction or post-construction scenarios when either of two required fire alarm systems are down or inoperable. Both fire alarm and automatic sprinkler systems are required pursuant to OSHA General Requirements 1910.252. Fire Watch services may also be required if Emergency Management communications systems carried by Firefighter, EMS or Law Enforcement personnel are impaired due to construction materials, restricted access and for other reasons deemed relevant by the Fire Marshall or Fire Inspector. A Fire Watch involves having a qualified and Fire Watch Certified individual watching the fire alarm systems and making regular walk-throughs of the construction or building areas subject to the Fire Watch Officer’s designated Fire Watch grid. Fire Watch logs and Fire Watch Standard Operating Procedure must be maintained pursuant to OSHA standards. A Fire Watch Service in South Florida, USA can be implemented by Lima 5 in less than 24 hours.  

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