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Lima 5 offers its clients breakthrough technologies from ATEK Defense Systems.  ATEK armor solutions are up to 92% lighter weight and 72% lower cost when compared to competitive solutions. Lima 5 offers and installs ATEK ballistic and violent entry armoring for vehicles, buildings, walls, and glass as well as personal protective soft body armor. Lima 5 clients have a choice as to the threat level they desire to protect in glass, laminates and non-glass barriers. ATEK’s vehicle and building armor utilizes a unique glass that is lighter and thinner than other ballistic glass available on the market. Utilizing an ATEK proprietary formula called Nano-Protek™ we offer body armor 66% lighter than traditional vests that is proven to function even after complete submersion in water. 


Armoring solutions involve properly installed use of glass, panels, laminates and non-glass surfaces to resist entry penetration by intruders utilizing vehicles, explosives, firearms and burglary tools. Personnel ballistic and bladed attack protection involves the use of fabrics and plates designed to stop bullet and knife penetrations. Old fashioned bulletproof vests are thick, heavy, stiff, and are prone to failure if they take multiple rounds, get wet, or just degrade as they age.

All in the past using a new, super light-weight, flexible armor from ATEK Defense Systems that utilizes a revolutionary, proprietary, carbon nanotube technology called Nano-Protek™. Carbon nano-tubes are proven to be as light as air and literally as strong as diamonds. No wonder this armor stands up round after round after round. You’ll enjoy twice the stopping power at half the weight or less of traditional bulletproof vests, in a form-fitting, flexible armor that is unparalleled for comfort. ATEK Defense vests, offered to Law Enforcement and Security by Lima 5 are 30 times stronger than Kevlar, 100 times stronger than steel, yet one sixth as heavy. Carbon nanotubes are arguably the material of the future in personal protection. 

Stopping bullets is the first step, but as officers and operators well know, Back Face Deformation (BFD) – or the trauma behind the armor – is sometimes as dangerous as bullet penetration.  The NIJ has developed a strict set of guidelines for law enforcement, military and security body armor. These standards are accepted around the world. NIJ allows 44mm (or about 1.75 inches) of BFD to pass standards.  Just imagine the damage that could cause to muscle, bone and internal organs, even though the bullet doesn’t penetrate the vest. ATEK armor meets and exceeds minimum NIJ standards. Our armor has been specifically engineered to greatly reduce the amount of trauma or BFD. Shot with standard rounds, ATEK products typically score at 14mm – 19mm in BFD trauma (or about .75 inches). 

Armoring Capabilities and Features

  • Nano-Protek™ is also water resistant. Unlike traditional aramid fibers Nano-Protek™ functions even after complete submersion in water, neutralizing a key weakness of common soft body armor.

  • Unparalleled flexibility of the Nano-Protek™ material results in soft body armor specifically designed to conform to the contours of the female anatomy, providing women greater comfort as well as safety.

  • Our door panel armor for police and security vehicles is NIJ tested to Level IIIA and will stop handgun fire up to 44 Magnum. We add only 9 to 15 pounds of weight per door compared to armored doors weighing up to 350 pounds. 

  • Our standard armor Shield Glass is UL752 Level 1 and is thin enough to allow the window to still function in the door. This Shield Glass is specifically designed to stop 9mm, 40 Cal and 45 ACP bullets from the outside yet allow the driver the ability to shoot toward the outside and penetrate with deadly force. 

  • With vehicle and home burglaries on the rise, our smash resistant laminates provide a protective barrier extremely difficult to break with rocks, hammers, bricks, nail-sets and more. Our protective films are installed on the inside of the window utilizing an ATEK patented process. 

  • We utilize completely discrete armored wall panels to protect front entrances to a building from drive by shootings, threats on company executives, conference rooms and to create safe rooms. Our armored panels come in threat levels IIIA to IV. 

  • Shield Glass by ATEK Defense is offered in multiple threat levels and is lighter and thinner than ballistic glass alternatives. You can choose from UL752 Level 1 that is only .5 inches thick and will handle 9MM and .45 caliber rounds or, our UL752 Level 8 glass is 2 inches thick and rated for 7.62mm rifle rounds (.308 Caliber).

  • Entry delay is critical in any Active Violence encounter. For smash resistant options on existing building glass panels and school rooms, that are not ballistically rated, but will help prevent forced entry, we offer window protection films from 12Mil to 18Mil thickness. This option allows the window to stay intact even if it’s shot, hit with a rock or hammer. Laminates are an integral component in a redundant security perimeter. 

  • We have armored and tamper-proof doors available. We work with local door manufacturers and can customize doors to secure threat levels IIA to IV. 

  • We can customize specific items to armor including school and church safe rooms, judge or council members desk and podiums, wheeled armored dry erase boards, window curtains and shades, cubicle walls, executive desk fronts and more. 


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