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Lima 5 Protec, Inc. is a leading threat assessment, tactical security and protection resource. We protect people, assets and the integrity of your organization. We do this by providing comprehensive assessment services, tactical security capabilities and protection solutions to families, executives, school superintendents, pastors and rabbis, club and resort managers, HOA boards and other key individuals. Our solutions are presented to maximize early warning and protection capability and minimize cost and distraction to your stated mission.


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We provide our clients with the highest quality risk and threat assessment services. Our assessment team is resourceful and intuitive. We have backgrounds in threat assessment, security surveillance and counter-surveillance, security technologies, access and egress control, perimeter reconnaissance, executive protection and tactical security response. Most assessments are initiated within 72 hours.

Tactical Security

Tactical Security involves systems, technologies, SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and manpower in a coordinated way to identify, locate and repel criminal intent before a threat can inflict harm or damage to persons or property. Tactical Security involves rapid response coordination and effective transition of action to available law enforcement resources. Lima 5 Protec has developed a tactical security model that provides our clients with an early warning and rapid response capability, regardless of the level of risk. Our security model is specifically designed to coordinate closely with available law enforcement tactical response. Our clients include 5 Star and Platinum country clubs, Houses of Worship, estate homeowner associations, media, high net worth individuals and commercial businesses.


Lima 5’s Tactical Security Officer (TSO) is responsible for the first-response protection of other human beings under his or her watch, regardless of the level of risk. Although posted at a security gate, in a school reception lobby or in a roving patrol vehicle, the protection responsibility of a Lima 5 TSO evolves quickly with the radio dispatch to a suspected heart attack of a resident, a chainsaw accident involving a service landscaper, an active shooter in a 5th grade classroom or hospital emergency room. The best law enforcement response in the United States is now averaging 7 to 12 minutes for a Priority 1 response.

ARA Pathfinder

Expendable, affordable, actionable, and undetectable vehicle movement, foot traffic, and equipment power status sensors that identify security threats BEFORE they cause damage or inflict harm.

The Pathfinder advanced intrusion detection system is the next generation of ARA's Expendable Unattended Ground Sensor (E-UGS) system. Pathfinder incorporates lessons learned by the US Military and is specifically optimized for Defense, Border Security, Critical Infrastructure, and Consumer applications.

ATEK Defense

Ballistic and Active Violence Intrusion Protection
Vehicle – Building – Personnel Protection Solutions

Lima 5 offers its clients breakthrough technologies from ATEK Defense Systems. ATEK armor solutions are up to 92% lighter weight and 72% lower cost when compared to competitive solutions. Lima 5 offers and installs ATEK ballistic and violent entry armoring for vehicles, buildings, walls, and glass as well as personal protective soft body armor. Lima 5 clients have a choice as to the threat level they desire to protect in glass, laminates and non-glass barriers.
ATEK’s vehicle and building armor utilizes a unique glass that is lighter and thinner than other ballistic glass available on the market. Utilizing an ATEK proprietary formula called Nano-Protek™ we offer body armor 66% lighter than traditional vests that is proven to function even after complete submersion in water.

A Fire Watch, whether ordered by a Fire Marshall, or requested by a building representative, may be required in construction or post-construction scenarios when either of two required fire alarm systems are down or inoperable. A Fire Watch Service in South Florida, USA can be implemented by Lima 5 in less than 24 hours. 

Fire Watch Services


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623 38th Street • West Palm Beach • Florida 33407

Phone: 833-465-4625


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